2019 NSW HR Leadership Summit

ANZ Stadium

1st & 2nd May


As organisations leverage innovative practices and cutting edge technology to meet the rising business and customers expectations, HR leaders are in a unique position to drive future-fit people strategy and growth agenda. Understanding the way of work is changing and how it impacts your business and people will increasingly become critical to support the organisations to move towards the future of work and workplace. Some of the key questions we will explore include how HR leaders prepare for the coming wave of workforce transformation; how to maintain the level of services that this is required to build the future workplace and meet rising business expectations; the way HR continue can continue to facilitate business conversations; how to design the people experience better through technologies; and improving diversity in the workplace. The event will once again invite 130 to 150 HR leaders from different industries to exchange ideas and challenge current thinking to prepare for tomorrow’s demands.


Event Topics

•  Towards the future of work and the workplace – leading people through change;
•  Building change readiness in the fast world of business, innovation, disruption and people;
•  Creating employment opportunities and building diverse, flexible and inclusive workplaces;
•  Increasing the representation of women at every level of the workforce;
•  Improving your organisation’s agility to gain a competitive advantage;
•  Developing the workforce of the future – identifying future skills and developing next generation leaders;
•  Fostering a culture of innovation and implementing new ideas to deliver value for customers;
•  Transforming to a customer-centric organisation – culture, leadership, people and HR practice;
•  Getting executive support and resources – getting buy in and extending the ‘HR’ influence across the organisation;
•  Transforming the workplace culture and improving employee wellbeing through trust and flexibility;
•  Driving a values based performance and safety culture;
•  Employee engagement as the competitive advantage;
•  To what extent will new technologies transform the workforce by 2027;
•  Understanding how the market landscape is reshaping and what it means to your business and workforce;
•  The coming wave of workforce transformation – preparing the workforce for future demands.
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Who Attend

EGM/GM/ Directors/ VP/ Heads of Human Resources, Human Capital, Human Resources,  Business Partners, People & Culture, Corporate Services, Learning and Organisational Development, Workforce, Talent, Learning & Development, Diversity & Inclusion

Why Attend

We understand the critical role program contents play in driving engaging and informative conversations at conferences that are relevant to HR leaders, their industries and their workforce. We are connected to C-level HR leaders across industries to share their knowledge, innovative approaches, business cases and success stories, ensuring high level peer-to-peer dialogues are generated from their insightful keynote addresses. Here what some of our past delegates have said about this event.

Featured Highlights Reel




Fantastic event, amazing professionals with great presentations and current real life issues to be discussed. Plus great venue and products. Thank you!
An amazing two days of networking with fellow HR colleagues. This provided an opportunity to share and discuss key initiatives and topical issues which many of us are all facing, thereby providing a wonderful learning experience.
Ausco Modular
I really enjoyed the HR Summit. Very inspirational and motivating. Really made me think about how to improve my own workplace.
Sydney Local Health District
Some great learnings and really refreshing to hear about the return to person centred business activities.
The program for the event was well thought through and professionally presented. The information was useful and pragmatic. It was good to network with other professionals and this was well facilitated.
National Institute of Dramatic Art

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