2023 L&D Leadership Summit (Melbourne)

11th & 12th May
Pullman Melbourne on the Park
The workplace learning and development environment has been impacted by what has been a challenging year of prolonged disruptions, as a result reshaping the way that learning initiatives are designed, delivered, embraced, engaged and measured. The Learning and Development Leadership Summit will feature influential L&D and OD leaders as they share valuable insights and lessons learnt on realigning the purpose of working learning, future of work, individuals’ goals and organisational purpose in the changing world; supporting diverse groups of learners to adapt to new working and learning environments; enhancing learning engagement; and creating a learning community that celebrates collaboration, knowledge sharing and human connections.
Key discussion topics:
  • L&D function as a business-critical priority for shaping the workforce and workplace of the future
  • Shifting to remote and hybrid approach of working and its impact on learning and development
  • Enhancing the future of learning, innovation, development, measurement strategies
  • Facilitate learning access by geographically dispersed employees
  • Aligning the learning strategies with talent needs and business goals
  • Building a learning organisation – re-engineering your L&D strategy to empower employees in managing their learning needs and careers
  • Creating a culture of continuous learning, knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Leadership development & coaching – enhancing leadership capability and developing future leaders
  • L&D in the digital era – evaluating emerging tools for digital learning and developing new infrastructure to support employees and increase engagement
  • Leading by example – engaging senior leaders to actively participate in learning and development initiatives
  • Enhancing social-learning experiences for diverse groups of learners
  • Rebuilding the L&D strategies – crafting a new learning vision, strategy, and brand
  • + more