2024 New Zealand L&D Leadership Summit

25th & 26th June
Grand Millennium Auckland

As accelerating change is observed in the world of work, it brings renewed attention to the importance of workplace learning and development as a human experience. L&D leaders can make a difference in the workplace by creating a meaningful and collaborative learning experience, and encouraging employees to be more active in learning, upskilling and sharing knowledge to meet the challenges arising from the changing world of work. 

Learning and Development Leadership Summit returns to New Zealand in 2024, bringing together L&D and OD practitioners to share their most valuable lessons learnt and insights into shaping a learning culture, designing L&D strategies for an increasingly blended work environment, ways to adopt a learner-centred approach, and investing in upskilling and reskilling. We hope that the program can also celebrate and acknowledge the critical role collaboration, partnership, knowledge sharing, and human connections play in shaping a healthy learning ecosystem.

Key discussion topics:
  • Shaping a learning culture – the critical role of collaboration, partnership, knowledge sharing and human connections
  • Changing the perception – transforming L&D to be part of the business strategy
  • The impact of a blended work environment on learning culture, delivery and strategies
  • Adopting a learner-centred approach
  • Helping employees engage, learn and perform better in the fast-changing environment
  • Upskilling and reskilling as a business investment
  • Integrating skills and social learning into the flow of work
  • Creating an inclusive learning environment
  • AI as a learning partner – the potential use of AI in facilitating the delivery of L&D strategy
  • Collaboration and partnership – lessons learnt on how L&D teams are innovating and engaging active learners
  • Building leadership, mentoring and coaching capability
  • Ways of designing and delivering L&D programs with limited budget and resources
  • Reflect, predict and prepare – trends and expectations that might shape the future of L&D
  • and more...

Who Attends

GM/ Directors/ Heads of Learning and Organisational Development, Organisational Design, Leadership Development, Workforce, and Talent....

Why Attend

We understand the critical role program contents play in driving engaging and informative conversations at conferences that are relevant to HR leaders, their industries and their workforce. We are connected to C-level HR leaders across industries to share their knowledge, innovative approaches, business cases and success stories, ensuring high level peer-to-peer dialogues are generated from their insightful keynote addresses. Here what some of our past delegates have said about this event.


Register Your Interest

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