2024 NSW HR Leadership Summit

15th & 16th May
Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

Adaptability is crucial to shaping the next-gen workplace, more so in challenging social and economic conditions. As trusted business advisors, HR leaders are relied upon to navigate the changing organisational dynamics and lead people through organisational transformation in an increasingly complex world of work. Additionally, HR must consider the potential of AI for HR management, operations, digitisation, and the creation of new roles, skills, and jobs. To shape the future of the workplace, HR is key to empowering people to grow, learn and solve problems together.

The 2024 NSW HR Leadership Summit will strongly emphasise navigating complexity and building a more resilient workplace where human-centricity, sustainability, inclusivity and psychological and physical safety remain at the heart of a modern business. We invite HR luminaries to share their insights and highlight what has transpired in their organisations and sectors, and what is on the horizon as the way people work, learn, lead, manage, recruit, engage and connect customers and the business continues to evolve.

Who Attends

EGM/GM/ Directors/ VP/ Heads of Human Resources, Human Capital, Human Resources, Business Partners, People & Culture, Corporate Services, Learning and Organisational Development, Workforce, Talent, Learning & Development, Diversity & Inclusion

Why Attend

We understand the critical role program contents play in driving engaging and informative conversations at conferences that are relevant to HR leaders, their industries and their workforce. We are connected to C-level HR leaders across industries to share their knowledge, innovative approaches, business cases and success stories, ensuring high level peer-to-peer dialogues are generated from their insightful keynote addresses.

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