2024 Singapore HR Leadership Summit

24th & 25th September
Equarius Hotel
The changing nature of work has reminded us of the importance of shared purpose, meaning and the impact that we make collectively in the workplace. The 2024 Singapore HR Leadership Summit will strongly emphasise the alignment of organisational purpose and values as catalysts for change in building a more human, collaborative, and resilient workplace. Beyond that, HR leaders are evolving to become experts at preparing people with what they need to succeed in the future of work and collectively facilitate change.
Key discussion topics:
  • Leading change with purpose, meaning and impact;
  • Top priorities for HR in 2024 – prioritising change management, employee experience, well-being, and talent attraction and development;
  • Preparing for the future of work through job design;
  • Rethinking skills as the new currency for a new era of rapid changes – remaining relevant by constantly adapting and learning;
  • Tapping into people analytics to improve business performance – understanding employees’ behaviours, measuring performance and planning for the future;
  • Empowering and supporting frontline workers in times of change – fostering a culture of care;
  • Building culture within a flexible work model – grow and maintain a workplace culture where employees feel valued, included and inspired;
  • The role of ESG – encouraging organisations and employees to act responsibly;
  • Strategies for managing and improving workplace health and well-being;
  • Building a diverse and inclusive organisation – from entry-level to the board of directors;
  • Looking ahead to 2024 – what is next for the future of work and jobs of the future might look like?
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