Business Insights Asia Pacific (BIAP) is a well-connected event producer with exceptional event management experience and research capability specialising in the provision of high-level Business-to-Business Summits and Bespoke Events for senior HR and L&D leaders across the private and public sectors.

Our in-house capabilities enable us to create, manage and deliver thought leadership events both in Australia and abroad. Our team pride ourselves on delivering well-researched programs featuring best-in-class industry speakers to drive deep learning and leadership conversations.

Our objective is to bring together industry leaders, senior management, decision makers and key personnel to provide solutions for their mutual benefit. By offering these opportunities for senior business executives, sponsors and speakers to share their experiences, we enable companies to build and strengthen relationships with new and existing clients. We strive to create a forum where these mutually beneficial alliances can work together in the future.

It is our mission for all BIAP event attendees to build profitable and lasting business relationships and at the same time gain critical business insights to give your company a competitive edge.

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